It’s OK To Be Lazy

One of my patients – who happens to be a brilliant businessman – gave me an interesting perspective when it comes to hiring a good employee. He told me that the ideal candidate is not only qualified and hard working, but also a little lazy. I was a bit puzzled.

He proceeded to explain that if someone were just a little lazy, they would always look for a better – and easier – way to do things. In fact, some of his best “processes” people perfectly fit this description. I then realized that I somewhat fit this description.

I often work long hours, and my professional activities routinely extend into the evenings and weekends. I enjoy working hard, but I tend to dislike repetitive tasks that seem to serve a less significant purpose. In my battle against procrastination, I am always looking for an easier (maybe better) way to do things. Whether it’s creating forms or writing a computer macro, I now feel less guilty being lazy at times.

As I often advise, most things are good in moderation. So it’s OK to be a little lazy. I think I’ll put my feet up for a moment.