Why Choose LapaRobotic Surgery?

If you’re visiting this site, you might be considering undergoing a urological procedure. Surgery can be daunting and it’s natural to feel apprehensive, at first. There is little reason to worry, however, if you choose to undergo a LapaRobotic procedure with Dr. Miller. LapaRobotic Surgery™ is the melding of two separate but related surgical techniques – laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery. Dr. Miller coined the term LapaRobotics because of the unique and valuable ways in which the two techniques have come together in his treatment of urological conditions. Dr. Miller performs as many as 25 of these procedures each month, making him an extremely experienced professional in the fields of laparoscopy and robotic-assisted surgery. Time and again, he has witnessed the success of this technique, and how it delivers precise, intricate treatments for a variety of conditions. Still—we know it can be scary to make any major decision in regards to your health. You might feel more at ease after learning a little more about the origins of laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery before you book an appointment with Dr. Miller.


What is laparoscopic surgery?

Until quite recently, traditional urologic procedures were done by making large incisions, and these highly invasive operations often required patients to remain in the hospital for weeks, recovering. Thanks to modern technological advancements, laparoscopic surgery, also known as minimally invasive surgery, has been developed as a much more appealing alternative. Now, surgeons make several small incisions in the abdomen and perform complex urologic operations, using a magnifying video camera and special instruments. The doctor introduces carbon dioxide gas to lift the abdominal wall, making a larger space to work in and making viewing and moving the organs easier. A small opening is used to place a slender telescope into the abdomen, and additional small openings are made for instruments to be inserted that let the surgeon move, cut, stitch, and staple structures during the operation. The overall procedure typically has less trauma to the body and lets patients recover faster than traditional open surgery.


What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a laparoscopic procedure, only with an added layer of technology. Rather than the surgeon’s hands directly moving the instruments during a procedure, a robotic device is wheeled up to the patient and the robotic arms are attached to the telescope and the instruments. All movements of the camera and robotic instruments are precisely performed in real time by the surgeon using ergonomic finger controls. Thus, robotic technology is merely a tool that enhances the surgeon’s skills during laparoscopy.


What is LapaRobotic surgery?

Dr. Scott Miller has inventively combined the added precision of robotic technology with his extensive experience in laparoscopic surgery to create an even safer and more efficient method of surgery.  Most robotic surgeons have limited laparoscopic experience.  By bringing together the best of technique with the ultimate in technology, LapaRobotic procedures have been associated with less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications.

If you’re still feeling apprehensive, watch some of Dr. Miller’s patients’ testimonials or give Dr. Miller and his staff a call at (404) 705-5201. We’re happy to respond to any questions or concerns you might have.