Men’s Health Election Year

As published in the October/November issue of Best Self Atlanta Magazine.








You can be the winner! Unlike the uncertainty surrounding a presidential election, you can clinch a victory when it comes to your health over the next four years. As an additional incentive, four lucky readers will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate (read on). Here is your campaign strategy:

Create a solid platform—In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, start with a plan. This plan should include desirable activities that are both reasonable and meaningful to you. Otherwise, your subconscious will not cast a vote of confidence. For instance, you can track your diet and physical activity with a mobile app and review this information weekly.

Only make promises you can keep—A life without time management leads to unnecessary stress. Preserve your emotional well-being by splitting lofty goals into more manageable bites and by learning to delegate. When you are unable to fulfill a promise, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just modify the promise or move onto the next one.

Conservative or liberal, as long as you’re progressive—Mix it up. Not every meal needs to be perfect. Not every work-out session needs to be taxing. If you’re dragging on Monday, make it a super Tuesday. When it comes to improving your health, consistency is the key to progress.

Right, left, and independent—Exercise each side of your body separately at least once per week. Interestingly, in addition to preventing injury, this routine will improve your mental capacity by developing new neural connections between the right and left sides of your brain.  Our body requires a lot of checks and balances.

Now let’s talk money! First, count the number of words in this article that are a part of a political phrase. Then recount them (there may be some debate here). Post your answer on the Best Self Atlanta Facebook page by November 30. All candidates with correct answers (or close) will be entered to win one of four $50 Amazon gift certificates. I’m Dr. Miller, and I approve this message.