Moderation In Moderation

I believe Oscar Wilde was the first to be credited with the saying, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” Whether talking about exercise or diet, consistency, diversity, and moderation are the keys to success. However, moderation can have its issues.

First of all, the definition of moderation is always moving. The best example is the variability with age. Moderate exercise is very different for a teenager as compared to an octogenarian.

Another problem with defining “moderation” is identifying the extremes on either side. More of something good and less of something bad cannot be applied infinitely. When we say, “too much of a good thing,” we often refer to something that tastes or feels good but is really not good for us (dessert, for example). However, something that is truly good for us could be harmful in excess. For instance, it is actually possible to drink too much water. Likewise, we do need some fats in our diet since our bodies are unable to manufacture some types.

As with most things in life, there is not just one rule that applies to all. Of course, nothing replaces common sense when it comes to diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. After all, when you do everything in moderation, isn’t that a little bit extreme?