Bruce Almighty

You may recall the Jim Carrey movie, Bruce Almighty, in which Bruce is a down-on-his-luck TV reporter who is given almighty powers for a week. But I want to tell you about another Bruce who happens to be an endearing patient of mine. Like Carrey’s character, he is both funny and amazing. Unlike the fictional Bruce, he never complains. In fact, the real Bruce’s favorite comment is “there’s no time for a bad day.”

Bruce was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 10 years ago. This was a very aggressive form that has required multiple treatments throughout the years. Unfortunately, the cancer spread to his spine and has rendered him paralyzed below the waist. Yet every time I see him and ask him how he is doing, he says his usual “there’s no time for a bad day.” He then says something inspirational, funny, or both.

Every time I would see him in my office or in the hospital, I would not think of the infirmed patient. I would think of the friends that he and his family have become, and a smile would always come to my face.

So, when I’m faced with a bad day, I think of Bruce and remind myself that there’s no time for that type of attitude. Bruce may not be almighty, but he certainly is mighty.