6 Ways To Make 2015 Health Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

The start of every new year feels like a fresh beginning, so it’s no surprise that it’s also the most popular time of year for setting health and fitness goals. In fact, a survey conducted by the University of Scranton found that losing weight, quitting smoking, and staying fit and healthy were among the top ten resolutions made by Americans in 2014.

These are all admirable goals, but without a reasonable plan in place to keep you on track, it can be very easy to lose momentum. Improving your general health can go a long way in treating certain urological conditions, so it’s important to take advantage of that New Year motivation.

Make your 2015 health resolutions stick by keeping these six tips in mind:

1Set benchmarks for each goal – Don’t get overwhelmed by a big number or short timeframe. Avoid unnecessary frustration by determining attainable and measurable milestones for each fitness resolution you make.

2. Write it down Put your goals in writing and stick them on the refrigerator, a mirror, or anywhere you’ll see them everyday. This will serve as a constant reminder for you and will keep your goals fresh as the months roll by. Stay motivated by documenting – and sharing – your accomplishments, too.

3. Tackle one resolution at a time – You may have a lengthy list in mind, but focusing on one health goal at a time is more realistic and manageable. Don’t feel rushed to get everything done at once – you have all year to make it happen!

4. Treat yourself – Who doesn’t love a little positive reinforcement? Indulge yourself with a healthy treat or special gift as you reach the benchmarks you’ve set for yourself. You deserve it!   

5. Find your favorites – Maybe you’re not a runner, but you might love taking a dance class, or swimming instead. Branch out and try new things to find your healthy favorites. This will keep you motivated and happy on your journey to a healthier you.

6. Involve your physician – Consider your doctor a partner and source of support in your renewed healthy lifestyle. Use your newfound motivation to make the appointments you might have missed, or schedule the screenings you put off to make sure you’re doing all you can to achieve your optimal health.

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a race, and you’re already on the right path by committing to improve your health in the New Year. Take heed of these tips to stick to your resolutions this year – your body will thank you!